New Grant Awarded to Expand Watershed-friendly PA

Published by Keri Maxfield on

Nurture Nature Center was recently awarded a new grant that supports programs and education about the local environment.  In April 2022, NNC received a 2022-2023 Environmental Education Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). Through this funding, NNC will be expanding the Watershed-Friendly Property Program to include urban areas and larger properties/institutional properties. NNC will work with partners, Penn State Extension Master Watershed Stewards and the Watershed Coalition of the Lehigh Valley, to develop the new applications and conduct outreach to spread the word about the program.

Making larger properties watershed-friendly is imperative for watershed health due to the large amount of acreage they comprise. Additionally, institutional properties tend to have highly manicured landscapes with non-native grasses requiring significant maintenance through mowing and pesticide and fertilizer applications contributing to water quality issues, among other impacts.  By taking action to make these properties more watershed friendly, the health of the watershed and those that live in it will be improved, in addition to cost and time savings for the institutions. In urban environments, there are many individuals who want to contribute to watershed health but have limited property to do so, therefore creating unique situations for education and certification. Urban residents can contribute to watershed health through their waste management practices, among other behavioral activities.

The expanded program will include specific applications for these new property types and a new website hosting all available applications and resources. Follow NNC and check back here for updates about the new expanded program.

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